Thursday, March 30, 2006

Try this Plus Size Lingerie Store

Here's a great store I've found for plus size lingerie. It's Always for Me and they've got a great range of really sexy Plus Size Lingerie.

You'll find plus size baby dolls, chemises, bras and a pretty range of bridal lingerie - all at reasonable prices.

If you want to look and feel like a woman, this is a great range of lingerie.

Always for Me
Plus Size Lingerie Store

Choosing a plus size bra for a perfect fit

When choosing a bra, it is always advisable to get yourself measured by a specialist. In the UK, Rigby & Pella or Bravissimo are THE places to visit, but you can also visit high street stores, who are often able to carry out a bra fitting.

Many plus size ladies are tempted to go for a bra which is too small, not wanting to emphasize their size. However, this often has the reverse effect by greating the "four boob" effect!

Three tips for choosing a plus size bra:-

  1. Choose an underwired bra, for extra support and shape
  2. Remember that the bra should enclose your breasts
  3. The central part of the bra should sit flat against your chest
Buy a bra which is comfortable on the middle hooks, that way if you change size a little, the bra will still fit.

When choosing a bra, take along a close fitting t-shirt to see what the bra looks like in fitting clothing. Although it may be pretty, you may not want the lace pattern to show through your t-shirt. Also, this helps you see the shape that the bra gives to your breasts.

Don't worry about minimizing your breasts - make the most of them and enjoy them!

Plus Sizes lingerie

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Choosing Plus Sizes lingerie

Lingerie is one area where women can really enjoy themselves. You can wear some really glamorous or sexy lingerie, and you will feel sexy and glamorous!

You may also choose to have a range of comfortable underwear for days when you’re just happy to relax.

There’s nothing worse than a woman with double breasts – who has chosen a bra which is too small and so is literally busting out all over! Treat yourself to a visit to your local lingerie shop and ask for a bra fitting. Even small shops or chain stores often offer this service, if you’ve been wearing the same size for years, it’s about time you checked your size too!

If your feeling that you’ve not got enough to warrant a good bra, some of the new padded plunge bras will provide lift make the most of what you’ve got – you might be pleasantly surprised!

Swimsuits – if you’ve got a generous bust, then invest in swimsuits with support. Avoid patterns, choosing instead a flattering costume in one colour. (The only exception to this is a vertical pattern). Medium leg will be the most flattering for the plus size woman.

Women's Plus Size lingerie

Welcome to Plus Sizes Lingerie Store

Welcome to Plus Sizes lingerie store - you'll find plenty of ideas for lingerie for the plus size woman.

Plus Sizes Lingerie Store