Friday, May 12, 2006

Plus size sexy lingerie here we come!

Finding plus size corsets that look sexy but not cheap isn't always easy. Darberg Stores has a range of plus size baby dolls & corsets that won't break the bank, yet will look so sexy on you.

This strapless corset is sexy and sumptuous!

Strapless Corset (X8997d)

Plus size corsets

This baby doll available in plus sizes will have him on his knees! This is so pretty, lacy and downright sexy.

Stretch Lace Baby Doll (X3461d)

Plus size baby doll lingerie

Sometimes the sexiest lingerie isn't the one that reveals most, but the one that tantalises most!
More Sexy Lingerie.


Blogger PlusClothingExpert said...

Lovely. I wanna check out those lingerie too. I've been looking for fashionable ones.

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