Monday, May 22, 2006

Lingerie that's sooo... sexy !

If you're choosing new lingerie, consider the feel of the fabric. A soft satin can feel sensuous and a lace trim just sets it off beautifully.

The swirl of satin lingerie, especially in a nightdress or dressing gown, let alone on your bed as sumptuous satin sheets - is a real treat.

Silk lingerie is ideal for warmer weather, allowing your body to breathe, whilst keeping you cool and gorgeous. Silk is increasingly available, whereas once it used to be only obtained from the most luxurious of stores.

Although you may wish to give consideration to washing instructions, it is not unusual for the prettiest items to be "hand wash only". Make sure that you have a little handwash powder or liquid on hand to be able to pop your special lingerei in to soak whilst you're doing something elsewhere around the home.

Wearing your plus size sexy lingerie next to your skin


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